About Us

bernadette_profBernadette Moran- D’Alessandro (Instructor)

Bernadette has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years, but always wished she had discovered it sooner! With the knowledge that the practice of Yoga builds patience, kindness, self-esteem, perseverance and discipline, it has been Bernadette’s dream to share the practice with children. Because of that desire Bernadette became a certified Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) Instructor.

KAY is not only a fun and exciting method of teaching children yoga, but it also helps teach kids how to be mindful and to respect themselves. The KAY system utilizes the yoga poses, or asanas, creatively tucked into: partner yoga, games, activities, original music, and stories.  As a mother of an 8 year old daughter, and an educator for 22 years, Bernadette witnesses the stress, and demands  kids are under these days. They deal with every day pressure, both academically and socially. Therefore, Bernadette strives to provide children with positive coping skills and most of all the greatest self-esteem they can arm themselves with to be happier, healthier, peaceful and more confident. She know’s children’s yoga can do this!

Join us today as we look forward to sharing these skills with your child.

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